This Actress’ Bungalow Is Named Ramayan

Actors have unique names for the bungalows like Shah Rukh Khan’s mansion in Mumbai is named Mannat. But do you know that Sonakshi Sinha’s bungalow is named Ramayan? Sounds bizarre, eh.  Well, the actress has for the first-ever time revealed why her bungalow is named Ramayan and revealed an interesting fact.

Sonakshi Sinha Bungalow Named Ramayan

Sonakshi who visited the sets of Indian Idol season 10, a contestant mother asked her the question. To this Sona, said, “Many people have asked me the same question but for the first time I am revealing the secret. Me and my mother are outsiders in our house as my father and his three brothers are named – Ram, Laxman, Bharat and my father Shatrughan.”

“My brothers are Luv and Kush. So, Ramayan seemed like an apt name for our residence but at times we also get to witness Mahabharat inside Ramayan,” she added.