This Anantapur Girl is Playing Her Game Well!!!

Getting to work opposite someone swash-buckling like Vijay Deverakonda is no mean thing for any girl. But, pretty lass Priyanka Jawalkar got this opportunity quite easily. She is pairing up with him in Taxiwala.

In fact, when the film was planned, Vijay Devarakonda was not a star hero that he is today. So, they went scouting for a newcomer to work with him, the producers zeroed in on Priyanka, who though a Marathi, speaks good Telugu because of her upbringing in Rayalaseema. So this is her big ticket film to stardom.

Priyanka Jawalkar Playing Her Game Well

The film has a lot of craze and hype around it and given Vijay’s charisma, the film has all the trappings of becoming a hit. But, Priyanka has proved that she is a smart chik. She has learnt the art of survival in Telugu industry. At the pre-release, she said Allu Arjun was her first crush. Later, she praised Pawan Kalyan to sky heights in media interviews. So, she is hitting the right notes when it comes to wooing the biggest film-making family of Telugu industry. No wonder, the Geetha Arts have already roped her in for their next project, which could either be with Allu Sireesh or Bunny. The success or otherwise of Taxiwala will determine who her next hero will be. If it’s a hit, then the hero could be Bunny, otherwise it could be Sireesh.

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