Two Talented Directors Waiting For Their Turn!

In the film industry, there is a saying that, ‘You are as good as your last film’. No matter what your track record is, your fortune depends on the verdict of your last film. Such two directors, whose last films turned out to be disasters are now waiting to prove their worth once again from a long time.

Bhaskar, commonly known as ‘Bommarillu Bhaskar’ is waiting for his chance after flops like ‘Orange’ and ‘Ongole Gittha’. He previously delivered a classic film like ‘Bommarillu’ which became a daily part of our life. Even his next film ‘Parugu’ was a good hit. But, he has been revolving around Geetha Arts office to get his story okayed. Though he worked on few stories, none of them could impress Allu Aravind.

Another director Srikanth Addala too is in same condition. One film, ‘Brahmotsavam’ changed his luck and he is trying very hard to make a film either with Nani or Sharwanad but all his efforts are going in vain.

Hope they get a project okayed and prove their worth once again.