Upendra and Sudeep are not Yash proves Kabzaa’s failure

Kabzaa is a film that has been promoted a lot in the last few days. The film had Upendra and Sudeep in key roles and the film released with a bang. But the word of mouth has not been great.

The film has made only 10 crores on day one which is quite less seeing the hype the film had. Also, the film is being called a cheap version of KGF and is being trolled.

Also, the heroes, Upendra and Sudeep tried hard to emulate Yash in many aspects but failed badly. So, everyone is not Yash to take solid beginnings at the box office.

Upendra is big in Kannada but not anymore in Telugu or Tamil. So, the film has not banked on his name and has tanked at the box office.

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