Vinay Vidheya Rama ruins Boyapati’s career

Lives change in a night in Tollywood. One hit and you are on Cloud Nine. One failure, you are nowhere. Boyapati is now passing through a similar situation these days. Post- Vinaya Vidheya Rama, his life changed.

Till the other day, he was the most sought-after director. Today, no one even wants to touch him with a pair of tongs. At a time when the industry was moving towards new film-making and newer storylines, Boyapati stuck to the old formula. One flop, such directors are out. Many directors faced this. Now it appears, Boyapati too has joined the long list. His image has been damaged beyond repair due to VVR. He has to try something new to woo the viewers. So, who he will work with now and what would be the storyline are the big questions.

To add to his woes, he picked up a quarrel with the Mega family, which wanted to compensate the buyers of VVR. He had a showdown with Cherry and Danayya on the issue. This has further damaged his reputation. The latest press note of Cherry shows that it’s all over between the Mega Family and Boyapati. After VVR, heroes like Mahesh Babu are going back. Prabhas and NTR too may not be ready to working with him. Boyapati needs a hit very badly and will Balayya bail out Boyapati?