Why is VVR team happy for KGF success?

See who is gloating over Kannada remake KGF’s success? It’s the Vinaya Vidheya Rama team. And why? With experimental films and newer themes ruling the roost, the VV Rama team was quite worried as to whether their storyline appeals to the audience. These days, mass films are failing with unfailing regularities, while films with unique content are doing well.

So, when KGF, an out and out mass film is doing well, VV Rama team, which is churning out a pucca mass entertainer under the helmsmanship of Boyapati Srinu, heaved a sigh of relief. That the audiences are liking mass films is good news for them.

But, there’s a catch. KGF was an unknown commodity and the hero is a newcomer. So, there were no expectations on the film. Is the same case with VV Rama?