VV Vinayak’s career hits road block!

Director VV Vinayak’s last ht was Khaidi No: 150 which grossed more than Rs.100 crores at the box office. But that success went into the account of Megastar Chiranjeevi. After such a big hit, Vinayak made a super flop called Intelligent which couldn’t even collect a share of Rs. 4 crores.

This has affected his career very badly. Now, he is with no offer in hand. He planned to make a film with Balakrishna but it didn’t get materialized. later, he tried doing one with Venkatesh but even those trials proved to be disappointing attempts.

Now, Vinayak is left with zero offers and he might become the first director to fade out from his generation if this continues. All he needs is one blockbuster to come back and we have to see whether he can score that anytime soon or not.