Who’s the peacemaker for Balayya, Jr NTR?

Rumours of a rift between Jr NTR and Balakrishna is no news. Despite Nandamuri clan refuting them as baseless rumours, once can infer that the two stars are at loggerheads. However, despite this, what makes our eyebrows raise that the two have shared the same roof at the pre-release event of 118. The appearance of Jr NTR and Balkrishna makes us wonder as that which person is being the peacemaker for budding the bridge between Jr NTR and Balakrishna

It may be recalled that earlier Kalyan Ram in an interview spoke on the much talked about the rift between Balakrishna and Jr NTR stating that everything is fine between the duo.  “Balayya Babai showed his love towards Tarak by making him launch NTR Kathanayakudu’s audio album”. When asked Kalyan about the absence of Tarak in NTR biopic, he says, “Tarak is a superstar. Babai didn’t want to do injustice to Tarak by offering him a short, irrelevant role in the film. That would have disappointed the fans too.”

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