Why don’t Tollywood Heroes Copy Bollywood Heroes in This?

Most of our Telugu films are in the Rs 100 crore club. We are second only to Bollywood in terms of collections. But, in many ways, Bollywood has a better culture of get-togethers and interesting mechanisms of unwinding and building teams.

Across Bollywood, this is the time for Diwali parties. Most stars, star directors and premiere producers throw Diwali parties during this time of the year. Shahrukh Khan threw a party the other day and everyone who is someone in Bollywood attended the Do.

Only Ranveer and Deepika, who are busy with the works related to their wedding, gave a miss. Similarly, the Bachchans threw a lavish Diwali party and every star sparked at the Do. Why don’t our heroes to plan something like this? Why can’t they have such star-studded evenings? Why someone like Mahesh or Charan throw such parties? It sure will be an eye feast for the film lovers.