Why is Krish silent in NTR biopic blame game

Usually, it’s the director who takes bouquets and brickbats for a film. Rare are exceptions to this rule. One such exception is NTR-Kathanayakudu. It is clear that Balayya Babu left little scope for director Krish to manoevre. He could not show the ebbs and tides of NTR’s life in an impassioned way.

It is clear that several aspects of NTR’s life have been pushed under the carpet. But, no one is blaming Krish. Even the division of NTR story into two parts is not Krish’s decision. It was Balayya who did it hoping for a windfall of revenues.

After Kathanayakudu failed, there are not many hopes on Mahanayakudu. The unit too appears to have given up on the film. But, the unit is now trying to make Krish the scapegoat for the film. It is trying to peddle fiction that it is he who wanted the film to be in two parts.

But, Krish is keeping silent through all these. He knows the that all his argument in the Manikarnika controversy have only served to show him in poor light. He had to face flak for that. Now, he wants to avoid. Hence the silence.