Will Jagan invite Babu for his house-warming?

The hot topic in AP political circles is whether Chandrababu and Jagan meet on February 14. On Feb 14, Jagan is holding a house-warming ceremony for his newly constructed home in Amaravati. He has already invited Telangana CM KCR and the latter had already consented to come down to amaravati. But, will Jagan invite Chandrababu and will Chandrababu Naidu attend the ceremony if invited.?

Given the kind of animosity that the two leaders have, one doubts if Chandrababu will drive down to Jagan’s function. As of now, both the leaders are not on talking terms and Jagan has also not been attending the assembly. So, there are doubts whether Jagan will invite Chandrababu in the first place. Though Chandrababu invited him for several official functions, Jagan refused to go.

So, will he invite Chandrababu for his personal function? Even if Jagan invites, will Chandrababu go? KCR’s visit to Amaravati is likely to be the red herring for Chandrababu. Even if he goes, he might like to avoid KCR, who handed him the worst drubbing ever in the recent Telangana elections.