2.0 Trailer: Akshay Kumar Tamil Speech Impressed Fans

Director Shankar’s 2.0 trailer got unveiled today, November 3 at Chennai with much fanfare. While it was natural for the audience to catch their favourite Thaliavar’s speech but Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar too left the audience impressed. Akshay who plays the antagonist in the film began his speech in Tamil and though his pronunciation went blank at few places audience were impressed and continued to cheer up for him.

Akshay Kumar Speaks Tamil At 2.0 Trailer Launch

Before starting his speech, Akshay said, “So, I’m going to try and speak in Tamil today. And I am sorry if my pronunciation is wrong. I really apologise if I get it wrong. I’ve been practising for 2 to 3 hours and I’m actually very scared to do it. But, I will do it.”

Akshay began saying, “Vanakkam Chennai. Magizhchi.” Later, he dubbed his experience working in the film as,  “I have learned a lot from genius director Shankar. He is not a director, but a scientist. It took three and a half hours to put my make-up and another one and a half hours to remove it. I haven’t put so much make-up for any film in my 28-year long career. I can’t express my feelings after seeing the trailer on the big screen.”

Have a look at the video: