Akshay Kumar’s cheeky response to Kangana

Bollywood fierce actress Kangana Ranaut speaks her mind out and doesn’t mince words. The actress of late has been in the eye of the storm over her comments on Bollywood fraternity for maintaining a stoic silence over political affairs and not taking any stance. Akshay Kumar at an event when quizzed over Kangana’s views the actor iterates with a sassy reply. Akshay said, ” It doesn’t matter to me who is doing what and what not doing. I only care about things that I am doing. I am doing my work. You ask me questions about my work.”

“I don’t know what is this stand wand. I just know that what I am doing, I am doing it right. I am doing what I can,” adds Akshay. Meanwhile, the Manikarnika actress had once opinionated her stane stating,  “I feel you shouldn’t distance yourself from issues of the country. In a democracy, you should speak about how the government has performed and also speak about your political inclination as a youth of this country. You cannot say why should I talk about politics when I get all the facilities. I don’t understand why they think of their career so much that they don’t have anything to do with their own country?”