Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Housemates in big shock

Akkineni Nagarjuna announced Rahul as the housemate in the safe zone, on Saturday episode. On Sunday episode, Nagarjuna initially saved Sreemukhi from the elimination and then directly announced the eliminated housemate name from Ali, Mahesh, and Ravikrishna.

Ali Reza evicted from Bigg Boss Telugu 3

When it was revealed that Ali Reza is eliminated from the house this week, the entire Bigg Boss house went in shock. No one in the house actually believed that Ali is going to be eliminated. Until Ali went out of the house and joined Nagarjuna on the stage, it was all confusion for them. Nagarjuna has reconfirmed that it was Ali who is going to be out of the show. All the housemates cried and went emotional in the house that Ali is going out of the house.