Amala Paul on nude scenes: I was stressed

Actress Amala Paul is busy shooting for her forthcoming film, Aadai which is titled as Aame in Telugu. The film’s teaser and trailer if the film has been the talk of the town for nude scenes portrayed by Amala.  While many braved Amala for picking up such a tough character, naysayers also condemned the semi-nude scenes.

Amala Paul on nude scenes in Aame Movie

Amala has now oped up on how was it working on the nude scenes. The actress says that initially she was not inhibited but when the day arrived she was jittery and stressed and wondered if there was any security. She said,  “It is only when I reached that point, I was feeling stressed. I was anxious to know about what is happening on the sets, who were all going to be there, and if there was security”.

There were 15 people when the nude scenes was shot, Amala adds, saying she wouldn’t have completed the shoot without the trust of the team.

Amala wanted to quit films:

Amala has also made a shocking revelation that she wanted to quit films before Aame came to her. Citing the reasons she says she was offered same repetitive films, though they were female-centric driven films, there were all ‘lies’ She said, “I was telling my manager that I wanted to quit the industry because the synopsis I was receiving from filmmakers all felt like a lie. Yes, they were heroine-centric… but the concepts were simple. Like a rape victim, her struggling against the odds and gaining revenge, or a wife who supports her husband endlessly, or a sacrificial mother. I had no interest to be a part of these lies”.