Arjun Sarja Daughter Reacts On Shruti Hariharan Allegations

Amidst sexual misconduct allegations against prominent South India actor Arjun Sarja by actress Shruti Hariharan, the former’s daughter Aishwarya has reacted against the allegations on her father.  Aishwarya termed Shruti a conniving woman. ” “I would say it is conniving as this is something least expected of her. I had admired her whenever she stood up against harassment. But now I understand why she stood up for such issues as it is the only stuff that gained momentum over anything else,” said Aishwarya.

Arjun Sarja Daughter Reacts On Shruti Hariharan Allegations

“How could she presume what my dad’s intention was? One just cannot accuse the other based on what they think. In fact, during the premiere of the movie, she was happily speaking to him. No woman, if she was ever harassed, would do so. Now, she is lying,” she added.

Meanwhile, Kannada star Arjun reacted to the allegations calling them as shocking. The actor is going to file a defamation case against Shruti for maligning his reputation. “I am saddened by the allegations and I don’t know how I can correct this. I will definitely file a case. I will speak about improving the shots and dialogues but I don’t have the cheap mentality of using this profession to touch women inappropriately,” he said.

“I respect and value the MeToo movement. It should be used for good purposes and bring to light injustices but not in situations like this when there is no proof or sense to the claims. When this happens, the movement loses value,” he added.

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