Avasarala to work with Vyjayanthi Movies?

Actor-story writer-director – all rolled into one. Such is the bundle of talent that Srinivas Avasarala is. He is adept in making classy comic entertainments. His last outing Jyo Atchyuthananda was a hit. But, after that Avasarala has been in the waiting for his next project. There’s only one problem – he is not getting the right hero and the right production house.

Producer Sai Korrapati, on whom Avasarala banked up, is now busy with the distribution of films. Sitara Entertainments and Avasarala are unable to zero in on the right story mix. Finally, he managed to rope in Vyjayanthi Movies. Now, Avasarala has decided to get Sharwanand on board. He is set to narrate a story to Sharwa, who is good at churning out comedy. There’s just one hitch. Sharva is busy for two to three months with director Sudhir Varma’s project. After that he would do 96, a film Dil Raju is making with Samantha. So, Sharwa-Srinivas Avasarala project can take off only after these two films.

Right now, Avasarala is busy with finalising the script. Once the story is okayed, it would take around six months for the project to take off. Even Vyjayanthi Movies is eager to get on board.