Balayya Fans Threaten To Stall Mega Hero Film

Are Naga Babu’s recent comments on Balakrishna going to prove costly for Varun Tej? It appears so as Balayya Babu fans have taken strong exception to Naga Babu’s comment “I don’t know who is Balakrishna.”

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He did not top at that. He had even said that “The only Balakrishna he knows is comedian Valluri Balakrishna.” He had even released a video to the effect. This has deeply upset the fans of Balakrishna. They are now getting ready to stall the release of Naga Babu’s son Varun Tej’s Antariksham. Several Balayya fans associations have already said that they would not allow the film’s release.

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Even on social media, there is a buzz from Balayya Babu fans against the film. While one does not know why and in what context did Nagababu said these, but Varun Tej is now facing the heat. It remains to be seen how Antariksham team will handle this.