Shocking news for C/o Kancharapalem team

Telugu film C/o Kancharapalem released last year, 2018 won several accolades not only from critics but audiences too. The film was also screened at New York Indian Film festival. However, the team has now got a shock of their life after the  National Film Awards rejected it form nomination for a silly reason. The  National Awards jury stated that the film producer Praveena Paruchuri is a foreign national hence it can’t get into nominations list.

Disappointed over this,  Praveena tweeted, “SO SORRY @venkateshmaha25 #CareOfKancharapalem , your hard work and talent is NOT ELIGIBLE to be recognized at the #indiannationalfilmawards because it was Produced by me- a US citizen although of Indian origin …I failed you (sic).” To this, filmmaker Maha Venkatesh called out outdated rules and regulations that are to be blamed for.

One of the actors Kishore Polimera tweeted to Praveena, “Awards don’t matter ma’am we r given great unforgettable gift for all and all audience are received like that. Now I proudly say my name as kancharapalem kishore Thanqq very much to produce this film.” To this Praveena tweeted back, “Thank you Kishore. But, authentic , undiscovered talent like yours and everyone in #CareOfKancharapalem deserves to be recognized at the national and international level. That’s why I made my first film in Telugu, in India. This rule is not fair and I am very disappointed (sic).”