Car accident: Rashmi Gautam escapes with minor bruises

Popular anchor Rashmi Gautam‘s car rammed into a man. The man identified as Sayyed Abdul was admitted at Angnampudi government hospital, and later shifted to a private hospital. The accident happened when Rashmi was on way to her home at Gajuwaka (Vishakhapatnam) after her work.

The police have registered a case against Rashmi and her driver MA Gautam and seized the car with a vehicle number  TS 11EE 1789. Reportedly, the man was trying to cross the road when the car hit him. Reacting to the reposts, Rashmi says, “I was just 15-20 minutes away from my home when this happened. There were no lights at this part of the highway and this man was running across the road when we unfortunately hit him”.

Rashmi further adds that it was the public’s attitude that came as a huge disappointment for her as none helped her out despite many were around them being mere spectators. “Last night, I realised why people hit and run. Because when you take responsibility, people badger you left right and centre. Hundreds of them swarmed around within minutes but there was no help. They were badgering my car. What was more saddening was that they were taking pictures and videos when I rolled down the window glass to inquire about the location so that I can guide the ambulance,” she adds.

She adds that she has taken the responsibility and stayed at the place provng the necessary aid to the vitcim. “Unlike many, I stayed there. My first call was to my production team informing them about the accident. Then I called up the ambulance. When I was told that it was at NAD junction almost nearly 30-40 minutes away from us, me and my driver picked him up, carried him to the Agnampudi government hospital. There were hundreds around but none literally helped us”.