Chiranjeevi grooming nephews’ career

Megastar Chiru has great love for his family. He has always stood by his family in times of need. One knows how he helped his brother Nagababu  after latter’s Orange bombed. After he retired from politics, he is completely focused on films and family. He is making films and is taking care of the family members, who are already in the films.

He was frequently seen at the shooting of Vinaya Vidheya Rama. He had also suggested some changes to the script. He is now focused on his two nephews. He is trying to revive the sagging career of Saidharam Tej. He has also suggested some changes to Saidharam’s latest project Chitra Lahari.

He is said to be recommending Saidharam to the producers that he knows very well. He has also roped in Sukumar to direct his other nephew Vaishnav Tej. So, Chiru is grooming junior heroes from his stable.