Coronavirus: Tips of elders to boost immunity

With coornavirus taking a toll on the world and WHO urging the nations to take preventive steps. While the virus is pandemic, the more number of people to fall prey is senior citizens. So how the senior citizens can combat this COVID-19? we have break it down for you with preventive measure and tips to battle it out this virus.

Preventive steps

  • While you cough or sneeze bend your elbow
  • Washing your hands often after coughing, or sneezing or touching your nose
  • Take more liquids and if plin water take herbal drinks ( (ginger/tulsi/ turmeric)
  • Do breathing exercises, pranayamas (bhramari, nadi shodhana)
  • Take  vitamin C rich fruits and juices (amla/orange/lime)
  • Expose yourself to sunlight for 20-minutes at least daily

Corona deaths globally cross 20,000

The global death of COVID-19 have crossed 20,000 as per US Eastern Time on Wednesday, with Italy topping the chart with 7,503 deaths. Other countries with over 1,000 fatalities include Spain, China, Iran and France, according to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.