Shocking! Deepthi Nallamothu Hired Agency For Paid Votes

The reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is only few more weeks away to get wrapped up. And with few left contestants remains many are awaiting to see who would emerge as the winner. Out of the left over contestants, Kaushal Manda is unarguably has emerged as the favourite of the lot. In September 14th episode, Deepthi along with Samrat and Geetha is seen discussing about Kaushal’s popularity. Geetha and Deepthi conclude saying that Kaushal has come prepared for the show by doing campaigning seeking paid votes. However, Kaushal fans have spilled out the bitter truth online against Deepthi Nallamothu wih evidences showing that she has tied up with marketing agency Ramit IT solutions which are campaigning for her though paid votes.

Check out the evidence that are circulating online and you can also find yourself if by typing #ramititsolutions on the social media handles

Deepthi Nallamothu TieUp With Ramit IT Solutions For Paid Votes

The social media is barraged with comments against Deepthi Nallamothu as some are even calling her #cunningdeepthi. The tweeple and viewers are angry to know that Deepthi has used wicked method by hiring marketing agency Ramit IT Solutions to promoter her and help her get more votes. This has certainly comes as shocking and we are like you unable to digest the fact. Let us seen if host Nani shoot questions at Deepthi over this.

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