Dil Raju clever plans works out well

Dil Raju clever plans works out well

Ace producer, Dil Raju is one clever fox who makes wise business decisions. Probably, there is no one in the industry who can plan films better than him in this current day and age.

He exactly knows when to release a film and how to promote it. The same, he has done for his new film Shatamanam Bhavati. He chose a very old and simple subject and pitched it in a new style completely.

And what more interesting was the time he decided to release the film. Raju made clever plans to release the film during Sankranthi festival so that the outcome would be double and all those who do not get tickets for the biggies will automatically be inclined to see the film.

As the film had some emotional family drama, it worked well and not only got a good talk but also made money. Made on a simple and small budget, the film has now collected double the amount and has made merry for the producers once again proving that Dil Raju is the King of planning.




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