Entha Manchivaadavuraa review: Nothing to relish

Release Date
January 15, 2020

Direction: Satish Vegesna
Cast : Kalyan Ram Nandamuri, Mehrene Kaur Pirzada, Suhasini Maniratnam
Producer : Umesh Gupta, Subhash Gupta
Music : Gopi Sundar

Sankarnthi 2020 opened up with two big ticket films clashing at the ticket window. The films- Sarileru Neekevvaru and Ala Vaikunthapurramloo despite the clash of big stars are phenomenally performing well. Meanwhile, Kalyan Ram’s Entha Manchivaadavuraa has released today, January 15. S how the film fared. Did the big films are going to show any effect on this film is to be see. 


Balu (Kalyan Ram) is the owner of an organization called All is Well. Balu supplies emotions to the families in needy and tries to unite them by erasing small conflicts between them. He is an orphan and craves to have all kinds of relationships. In the process, he comes across a conflict. What is it? How did he overcome the same? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie.


The filmmaker Satish Vegesna has come up with a new core concept for Entha Manchivadavura. It is a borrowed one though. The film is a remake. The concept of emotional fulfilment and the way it is used to further the plot, initially, is refreshing. The issue is in the execution part and the screenplay. Right from the start until the core theme is revealed, Entha Manchivadavura holds appeal despite the visible issues. The suspense factor keeps the interest alive. After an interesting opening, Entha Manchivadavura meanders a lot to hammer the point on the audience. It goes on with no real spice or connection. The emotional connection which it so stresses is what it misses, in the process. A huge reason for the feeling is writing and predictable screenplay. The various problems that come part of the narrative and taken up by the “emotional suppliers” make the proceedings look disjointed. It is a new short story coming consecutively. And that’s where the issue with screenplay crops up. After every block, a unique situation props up. It fits into the theme but has nothing to add to the story. The first half is better among the two as the opening build-up, and the introduction to core concept has one engaged, albeit temporarily. The problem starts when the basic idea is explained in detail. Instead of seriousness, it evokes an unintentional chuckle. Still, we move to the interval after knowing what Entha Manchivadavura is all about. The intermission part is neatly done. The second half, unfortunately, lacks the little engaging factor provided in the first. It further adds new blocks with the same ‘concept’.

At one point, we get a feeling of watching multiple short films of various lengths one after the other with the common topic of the emotional supplier. A couple of blocks introduced for drama feel manipulative. The same feeling gets overemphasised as the narrative progresses towards the end. The lack of a cohesive story undoes all the message that the director so badly wants to convey. The forced and manipulative emotions take things to the next level. The climax is the biggest casualty in this regard. The lack of empathy with the lead character and concept is the biggest failing. The idea of emotional suppliers is contemporary and exciting. But the novel point leads to a mundane and uninteresting narration. The second half is a let-down as the director simply refuses to stick to a story. Overall, Entha Manchivadavura has an honest intention, no doubt, but its annoying narration and overstretching the main point, kills the interest. If it’s any consolation, there is less preaching here compared to the last two movies from the director, but it is still there.


Although a family film, it doesn’t disappoint the masses who want their hero ina tion mode as Kalyan Ram also appeared in some action episodes which will definitely give an eye feast for the audience. The lead actress Mehreen has a different role, but doesn’t go beyond a cursory presentation. As it’s multiple people with several emotional issues to deal, there are many artists in the movie. They are all known faces but have very little to make an impression.


First Half



Overstretched emotions

Second half



Nothing to relish

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