Exclusive : Rolling the dice

Y.Sunita Chowdhary

Twenty eight year old Supreeth is planning to release his film Alanti Sithralu after april second week. Supreeth C Krishna is from Chittor in Rayalaseema. He completed B.Tech in Tanjore and worked in a corporate company for a year and quit his job and then joined Annapurna film school. He was only interested in sports and cinema when he was a child and lacked exposure, didn’t know of any platform that gave him an opening. He grew up in a village and wasn’t associated with any clubs as such, but had the habit of reading books and began writing poems and scripts. All this happened in the school. He recollects, “I remember writing a poem when I was young and dedicated it to my mother on her birthday. My parents are academicians, father is a zoology lecturer and mother is a botany professor. My extended family were into professional studies like marine and aeronautical engineering etc and my dad obviously wanted me to be a part of the league and had great expectations from me. None in the family would watch cinema and after my studies I wanted to apply for MS because that was the time the US job boom was on. I didn’t tell them that I wanted to study filmmaking in the USA. Parallely my job required me to go to Mexico but all I had on my mind was to get into Telugu cinema. I had nil contacts or acquaintances.”

Supreeth wrote what he felt, never followed cinematic grammar. He was a voracious reader and writing came to him easily. He talks about his stint with Puri Jagan, “At Annapurna, I did masters in film making and my parents were supportive. It took time for me to convince them as I was taking a different route. The one good thing was I had age on my side and had plenty of time. I worked with Puri Jagannath and no, I wasn’t influenced by his writings. I was in the writing department and then he was doing Paisa Vasool. I asked him if I could move to production and became a line producer. In the two year course at school, I leant sound design, editing etc. When I was a student I had zero knowledge of films, but luckily we were aware of how production happens, because we were there, we got the equipment. Only if all your knowledge of all the crafts fall in place, a film comes out well. After Paisa Vasool, I took a break and took to writing and began pitching stories.I had three scripts with me, what works for the market, for me and the third was a balanced one. No, they don’t teach all this is in film school. At the end of the day we should have individuality in expressing art.”

What Supreeth is making now is about four different characters, it is a single story. The characters cross their path and have four different ends and the impact it creates on other characters. The director had the gut feeling that this story will work and had the good enough conviction to sell his idea. The excitement still sustains as there is a soul in the film. The title gives you a feeling that is very relatable, it has emotions that we know and it is a two hour twenty minutes story. “I want to explore emotions, four different characters, ideologies, wants and needs. One is a prostitute who wants a family, a gangster who wants to give life to his kid, a boxer going through psychological issues and wanting to get out of it and a musician seeking for inspiration in life as he is roaming aimlessly. The intriguing part is I am talking about their professions but I never show them. I talk about prostitution and crime but dont show their jobs per se.”

He adds, “As I said I had given four endings for four characters, how it is interlinked but has a single climax and it is the selling point of the film. In each and every character, there is a reflection of my character as well in a subconscious level. It is a reflection of emotions you have already seen but on a different level.You will empathise with them. The characters belong to different age groups. I shot for forty five plus days. I went for all new actors, main leads are relatively new. I had auditioned for all the characters for three months. I think I had done a good job, but having said that I still repeat there is scope for improvement. The technicians are someone whom I met on the journey, we are like minded and hopefully we will work again. I had also evolved as a person and a filmmaker.”

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