Ginna Movie Review

Starring: Vishnu Manchu, Sunny Leone, Paayal Rajput
Director: Suryaah
Producers: Vishnu Manchu
Music Director : Anup Rubens
Cinematography : Chota K Naidu
Editor : Chota K Prasad
Release Date : October 21, 2022

Ginna is Vishnu Manchu’s latest release which has hit the screens today. Read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


Ginna(Vishnu Manchu) is a small time crook who loves Swathi(Payal Rajput). This is the time his childhood sweetheart Renuka(Sunny Leone) comes to India and shows interest to marry her. She is rich and a Vishnu falls for this aspect. He makes a plan to cheat her for money and settle in life. But Renuka has special plans for Ginna. What’s are those and how Ginna faces them is the story.


Vishnu Manchu has worked hard on this project and has improved a lot when it comes to dance and fights. He is pretty good in his role. Sunny Leone has a bigger role than Vishnu and she is the main villain and evokes good glamor and thrill. Payal Rajput is okay in her role. Chammak Chandra was hilarious in his fun role and so was Vennela Kishore. The rest of the cast do well.

What’s Good

Thrills and twists
Second half

What’s Bad

Slow first half


Ginna is based on the thrill factor and a key suspense element featuring Sunny Leone. But to come to this point the director Surya takes a lot of time. He makes use of comedy which clicks in parts.

It is only during the interval part the film starts making some sense. The manner in which the key roles of Sunny Leone and Chammak Chandra are highlighted is so good to see on screen. The songs are an added bonus to the masses with all the skin show.

Music by Anup Rubens is very good but the editing is not up to the mark. A song and fights should have been trimmed. The first half is very slow and has dull moments in the beginning.

Ginna has been made with only one purpose and it is the entertainment angle. The makers succeed in the comedy part but emotions wise the film is dull and does not make sense in many areas. If you want to watch a fun film without great story give this a shot but there is nothing so special about Ginna either.

Bottom line- Silly but laughable

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