Has Sunil Walked Out Of Disco Raja?

From the last couple of days, it is being reported that actor Allari Naresh has replaced Sunil for a pivotal role in Ravi Teja’s upcoming film Disco Raja. It was stated that director VI Anand roped in Allari Naresh after watching his performance in Maharshi.

But the close sources of the film made it clear that Sunil is indeed a part of the film and he wasn’t replaced by anyone. ALready, a few scenes were shot with Sunil and the output was amazing. And moreover, both Naresh and Sunil are good friends and the former wouldn’t accept a role which will replace his friend.

Ravi Teja is in desperate need of a hit and he doesn’t want to take any risks with this one. As he liked the content with Sunil, he wants to proceed with that only. Disco Raja has done with two schedules and the next schedule will start soon.