Hilarious Memes On Mohan Babu’s Fasak 

Twitterati can’t keep calm on Mohan Babu’s fasak which has been tending on the social media. The word has been used by veteran actor Mohan Babu in an interview to a national channel which means doing a thing in one attempt.  In the interview, Mohan Babu used the word to explain one of his film scenes, where someone has to kill his wife. Elaborating the murder scene, Mohan Babu said that a person shouldn’t be killed repeatedly but should die in one spot terming it as “fasak”.

Mohan Babu’s Fasak Trends

Since then tweeple have been using the word in their version with coming up with funny memes and spoofs. The news has even reached to Mohan Babu, who expressed happiness for the trend and took to social media with a post. He wrote, “#fasak Good to know it’s trending! @iVishnuManchu tells me there are minimum 200 spoof videos! Saw some, really innovative and funny!”

Meanwhile, we bring to you hilarious memes and spoofs that have taken the internet by storm, which would certainly leave in splits. Check it out: