It took us a very long time to be in the same space: Samantha

Samantha Akkineni is in the best phase of her career right now. The actress who began her debut in Ye Maaya Chesave next to her husband Naga Chaitanya got hitched to Chay in 2017. Sam-Chay are the hottest and considered the ‘IT’ couple of Tollywood setting major couple goals. While their destination wedding was a dreamy affair, many are not aware that their courtship wasn’t it easy and it took nearly eight years to be on the same page for them.

In an interview, Samantha opens up on her relationship with Chay stating, “It took us eight years to be at the same point. Because there were times when I really liked him and he was not in that space. And there were times when we wanted to work it out, but external factors. It took us a very long time to be in the same space.”

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She had also said how after marriage to Chay it has brought calmness. “After my marriage, I was able to control my anger levels. No matter how big our fight is, we casually sit next to each other and talk it out. People who would see us would not even realise that we are having a fight. It would just seem like just another conversation we have. And our decibel levels never increase beyond a limit.”

The couple is now reuniting for Shiva Nirvana’s Majili, which is all set for release on April 4.