Janhvi Kapoor opens up on her weird habit

Late actress Sridevi’s elder daughter Janhvi Kapoor is slowly making a mark for herself in the cinema industry.  While promoting Sonam Kapoor’s latest outing The Zoya Factor, Janhvi opened up about the weird habit she has.

Janhvi Kapoor weird superstition

Spilling the beans about her weird habit, Janhvi said that before she enters a film set everytime she makes sure to put in her right leg. In her own words, Janhvi says, “I don’t really have a lucky charm except that I have this weird superstition that every time before I go onto set or before I’m going to see any footage or do something important I always have to step with my right leg first. So I always enter any room with my right leg first. And if I forget, I reenter the place with my right leg.”

Reacting to her cousin’s response, Sonam replies, “Sometimes it’s the small things that make us feel better! You’re perfect just the way you are @janhvikapoor. Thank you for sharing your quirky superstition with me #WhatsYourLuckyCharm #TheZoyaFactor”

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