Kaushal Returns Cake, Card Over Housemates Pester?

The Bigg Boss Telugu 2 finale is on September 30 but these remaining days prove tough for Kaushal Manda as he is constantly under pressure by the housemates who continuously target and corner him. The recent episode also showed how the entire housemates gang up against him in the Sand Task. And now he is also dejected for not able to meet his daughter Lalli on her birthday.  And now in the latest promo, Kaushal has rejected the cake and card sent by the Bigg Boss show organisers. However, Kaushal has blessed his daughter and is seen getting emotional.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2: Kaushal Returns His Daughter’s Lally Birthday Cake And Card

The entire episode will be aired today, September 21. However, the reason might be housemates and especially Geetha Madhuri, who kept on pestering him that if his daughter appears in the Bigg Boss house, it would give a boost up to his image. Meanwhile, the tweeple also were disappointed and empathised with Kaushal and his situation. Take a look at the tweets:

Meanwhile, Kaushal fans and well-wishers celebrated his daughter Lalli’s birthday which fell on September 20. His fans have trended the hashtag #HBDLittlePrincessLALLY and have come up with a cute edited picture of Lalli for her birthday. While some also arranged food for orphans on Lalli’s birthday.

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