Kaushal’s Befitting Reply To Babu Gogineni Accusation Over Paid Army

Audience favourite Kaushal Manda took the title of Bigg Boss Telugu second season. With an unfathomable support from Kaushal Army, Kaushal became from not knowing to be known by everyone.  Ask him about Babu Goginni’s accusation that he bought army for 3500 USD to get paid votes, Kaushal gave a befitting reply to the humanist. “Babu Gogineni is an intellectual person but Kaushal doesn’t know anything. Al my life I only know about my work, family and after entering Bigg Boss house my focus was only on winning the title,” said Kaushal.

Babu Gogineni Accused of Kaushal Buying Army Worth $3500

Kaushal went on to add that no popularity can be bought by money. “I have earned audience respect and love through my sheer hard work,” says Kaushal. He adds that he has heard about people being bought during elections time, but he never knew such a thing can happen for Bigg Boss house, addig that he is a naive man. Kaushal says that he is a man of principle and all his life he has worked hard and believe that only hard work can give lifelong popularity.

Kaushal Sponsors For Girls Education 

Kaushal said that few girls had visited Bigg Boss house during Vinayaka Chavithi. He added that out of them he is sponsoring Rs 10000 for education to two girls who are needy of help, adding that he will sponsor them for the lifetime till they get a job of their own. His wife Neelima adds that this was not aired during the Bigg Boss show. Kaushal

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