‘Konaseema Thugs’ review: A racy, suspenseful jailbreak drama

Starring: Hridhu Haroon, Bobby Simha, Munishkanth, RK Suresh, Anaswara Rajan, Sarath Appani, PL Thenappan
Director: Brinda
Producers: Riya Shibu and Mumthas M
Music Director: Sam CS
Cinematography: Priyesh Gurusamy
Editor: Praveen Antony
Release Date : February 24, 2023
Movie: Konaseema Thugs
Director: Brinda Gopal
Cast: Hridhu Haroon, Bobby Simha, Munishkanth, RK Suresh, Anaswara Rajan, Sarath Appani, PL Thenappan

Konaseema Thugs Review


Seshu (Hridhu Haroon) was raised as an orphan in the coastal town of Kakinada. With no formal education, he started working under a local ruffian named Peddi Reddy. Here he sees a speech-impaired girl Koyila (Anaswara Rajan) who lives in an orphanage in the same locality. After much deliberation and proposals, Koyila welcomes Seshu into her life. But life is never smooth as they expect it. There comes a shocker. A few uneventful circumstances push Seshu into the abyss. Found guilty of the crime that he had committed out of rage, Seshu gets a life sentence. How does he join hands with the jail inmate Dhora (Bobby Simha) to carve out an escape plan? What’s in store for him? Will he be able to meet his love ever? Is the story that one has explored in theatres.


It may appear overboard if one would say the protagonist Hridhu Haroon looked like an aggressive Akhil Akkineni in ‘Agent’. In that messy-ringed hairdo with his piercing eyes, Haroon’s performance as a prisoner is top-notch. So is Bobby Simha. But Anaswara Rajan does a neat job by portraying expressions in perfect measure. Another show-stopper is the Jail Superintendent played by R.K Suresh. With his muscular body posture and as an intimidating prison officer, Suresh will surely be recognised for his efforts. Munishkanth does good justice to his character as one of the inmates. During the pace at which the story is moving forward, his comedy in between the sequences results in boisterous laughs in theatre.

Music rendered by Sam C S is commendable. Priyesh Gurusamy’s cinematography is good. The dull gloomy tinge is maintained wherever necessary just to reflect the mood of the story. The production values are good.

Konaseema Thugs Movie Review

What’s good

Pacy screenplay
Edge-of-the-seat moments in second half
Top-notch performances
What’s bad
Sloppy firsthalf
There must have been innumerable prison-break stories for ages. The poignant tales of a protagonist anxiously counting the days before he gets hanged on the gallows.’Konaseema Thugs’ has a distinct vibe because of the characters that are involved in it. From the minute Seshu was shifted to jail, the characters that keep popping up from the jail superintendent to the rogues accompanying Seshu in the jail cell throw peculiar behaviour. The whole story is set in jail. And strategies that Hridhu Haroon, Bobby Simha and other mates devise to escape the jail keep you glued to the screen.


The details of a jail atmosphere from how the inmates are fed, their stinking toilets, sleepless nights, tantrums and abuses are thrown at them, and physical torture from department staff — all these elements arouse an interest in the viewer.

Although the story takes its sweet time to establish the plot in the first half, the story takes off on a sloppy note. But female filmmaker Brinda Gopal steered the ship well by raising the curiosity quotient in the second half. Every move of the protagonist to escape the jail walls appears realistic. Even though there is a bit of comedy, and slightly an ounce of romance in the film, the story doesn’t deviate from its path. Music should be hailed for arousing suspense in every frame.

Bottom Line – A racy, suspenseful jailbreak story

Konaseema Thugs Movie Review & Rating: 3/5

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