Krack director files a complaint on Tagore Madhu

Gopichand Malineni waited three long years to get a proper hit and when he got it, there is no time for him to enjoy it as he is in deep trouble. The news from the Producer’s council is that Gopichand has lodged a complaint against Tagore Madhu as the latter has not paid him the balance of 30 lakhs which is the balance of his fee for the film.
 This has escalated into a big fight as Tagore has not given back the money he promised Gopichand. The producer says that as Gopi has used up more budget he will not pay him back the money. So, Gopi has used his contacts and approached the council who promised him to do justice to him. Things have become serious as Tagore Madhu is in no mood to give back the money. Gopi is also trying to go legal with this issue in the days to come.
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