Krish’s loss, Kangana’s gain

Director Krish did not want to miss directing NTR biopic. So, he abandoned Manikarnika starrign Kangana Ranaut midway to wield megaphone for NTR biopic. Though neither Krish nor Kangana have opened up on this, Krish is now forced to carry the stigma of being a betrayer.

But, now one thing is very clear. Manikarnika too is a mega film, both in scope and in treatment. The trailer and the stills from the film show that this is a big budget film and a big-ticket affair. Kangana Ranaut has created quite a stir with her portrayal of legendary Laxmibai of Jhansi. Kangana’s name is appearing as the director in the titles.

Had Krish directed this film, he would have become a sought after director in Bollywood. But, now all credit has gone into Kangana’s kitty. It will not be remembered as a Krish film at all.