Mixed reactions on singer Sunitha’s wedding

Singer Sunitha looks beautiful even at the age of 40 plus. Sunita shocked the world when she announced that she is tying the knot and is settling down in life with an elder man called Mango Ram. This news was widespread.
The wedding is over now and the images of the lavish wedding have also gone viral. Like in every topic, many are having different opinions about it. Some of the modern minds are hailing this marriage as a move of great example and one has to move on and be happy in life. But there are also a few who do not like the Hungama that is being created by the wedding. They say it is good that Sunita is tying the knot but such events should be kept secret and the wedding should have been done like a registered marriage and keep it low key. There is no need for such Hungama is the news. But the general opinion is when the couple is happy what’s the problems with society.
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