Top South Actor Shocking Statement On #MeToo 

The #MeToo movement sent shockwaves that hit entertainment and journalism industry which toppled the bigshots to come down from their power positions. While many lent support to the ensuing movement, amidst all this, a shocking statement has come from noted Malayalam star Mohanlal, who is known to Telugu audience with Janata Garage. The actor speaking to a foreign media in Dubai says, “MeToo is a fad, not movement”. “Everyone knows everything that has happened. There is not much problem right now in the Malayalam film industry. Just don’t say things and create problems. You cannot believe that #MeToo is a movement. It is a fad, it is changing into a fashion. Anything new, it will be alive for a few days. It can happen everywhere, not only in films, everywhere,” Mohanlal says.

Mohanlal Call #MeToo A Fashion Not Movement

The actor was speaking on the sidelines promoting a charity-show Onnanu Namal [We Are One], which will take place on in Abu Dhabi on December 7. Well, these comments have shocked many, and it comes at a time, while Mohanlal has already been in controversy for his support to actor Dileep who was questioned in the infamous abduction of Malayalam actress.

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