Nani wife Anjana supports sister-in-law

Natural Star Nani is a name to reckon with in Tollywood. Having no godfather, the Jersey star has come a long way creating a niche for himself. Nani has also tread on a path, not so many top stars do. The actor has pushed his horizons not only as an actor but also collaborated with fresh talent giving them a platform.

Now, Nani’s wife Anjana Yelavarthy is following the same suite who has identified to support new talent. Anjana started from her home itself by identifying her sister-in-law, Deepti Ganta’s talent. Anajan has donned the hat of a producer for Deepthi Ganta who has coming up with her short film, Anaganagaa Oka Nanna.

Nani’s sister lived in the US before she moved in here. It was Anjana who guided Deepti to shift to India to focus on her creative trait. On Father’s Day, Nani took to Twitter to share about his sister’s work,  “This super sweet short film will be out at 6pm tomorrow 🙂 Deepthi Ganta antey my sister kadha? 🤔 Written and directed enti ? 🤔 Ee twist ento chudham 🙂 Stay tuned”. Check out the short film