Nimmakuru is Ayodhya, NTR is Lord Rama

When a biopic is made, eulogising the protagonist is normal. His qualities are extolled and he is shown larger than life-size. This is more in case of NTR, who lived life king size. So, a song praising him is okay.

But, what if every song in the film is a eulogy and every word is full of praise? In case of the two-part NTR biopic, team Krish has almost every song praising NTR so very lavishly. In each song, NTR is extolled to no end. In one song, Nimmakuru, his birthplace, is likened to Ayodhya and NTR to Lord Rama.

At this rate, the biopic will soon end up as a eulogy by Balayya Babu, Krish, Keeravani and company! The team better watchout!!

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