No Publicity for Rajasekhar’s Daughter’s Film

Dorasani, this title is doing rounds in Tollywood. There was a buzz that hero Rajasekhar’s elder daughter Shivani would debut with this film. But, now it turns out that she is going to debut with Adivi Sesh in a Bollywood remake. Since then, there was a talk that Shivani’s sibling Sivatmika would be introduced through Dorasani.


After making a few rounds, this news too has simply vanished. Everyone through that it would be the end of Dorasani. Now, in a quite unexpected fashion, the regular shoot of the film has begun. The film will have Sivatmika and Vijay Devarakonda’s brother Anand Devarakonda. The film is now being shot in a small village in the rural interiors of Telangana. Interestingly, all this is happening quite silently without any publicity.

The Unit feels that excessive publicity could raise expectations about the film and this might prove detrimental to the project itself. So, they want to keep it low key.

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