Oviya’s 90ML adult film creates ripples

Tamil Bigg Boss fame Oviya’s 90ML trailer is out. The adult film is clocking vies and at the same time has garnered mixed views for its explicit content. The film shows life of our women who travel places but end up problematic substation one fine day. The film has many lip-lock and adult innuendo dialogues coupled with intimate scenes.

The trailer however has got mixed response while many backlashing for its adult scenes and especially Oviya for taking up such film. A user in fact, moral policing Oviya stating she is considered as an icon for young women and school girls hence she shouldn’t have done such film as it gives a wrong message. However, many came in support for the movie calling it another bold film and should only be taken as the film.

Actress Oviya Helen’s 90ML Trailer Adult Film Creates Ripples