Pawan Comes Back Without Meeting Mayawati

Politics and cinema are as different as chalk and cheese. Cinema is a matter of few months of making, few weeks of screening and few days of celebration. But, Politics is a different ball game altogether. Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan must have learnt this lesson the hard way.

Pawan is a celebrity down south. There is great craze for him. Thousands mob him when he makes a public appearance. But, he is a nobody when he goes to Lucknow. Pawan learnt this the hard way. Accompanied by his new-found friend Nadendla Manohar, he went to Lucknow to meet BSP chief Mayawati. But, he forgot the cardinal rule one has to follow when one has to meet a VIP. One should take an appointment first.

Pawan did not have an appointment with Mayawati. So, he went to Lucknow, walked through Ambedkar Park, took some photos and came back. Mayawati did not have time for Pawan. So, Pawan came back without even meeting her and greeting her.

What a great trip and it sure will go down in the history as the most well-planned tour in the history.