Pawan Comments On SC’s Decision

Actor turned politician, president of Jana Sena Party, Pawan Kalyan has took the Twitter as the platform to express his political ideologies and to comment on the latest major incidents that took place in our country. He posted a series of tweets on the case of Dalit student Rohit Vemula, the other day. Today, he explained his stance on patriotism.

Pawan said the true patriotism comes from the experience when an individual comes out of religion, caste, region, class, creed, cultural and ethnic differences. He said that it cannot be seen in a single party’s perspective. He added that the true meaning of patriotism lies in the human values.

Pawan also made comments on the latest decision taken by the Supreme Court, to make it a mandatory affair to play national anthem in all the theaters across the country. He opined that it has become a testing ground for the families which come to watch a movie in their leisure time. He also questioned why is it not being played in the highest offices in the country. At the end, he said that he will speak about AP’s special status tomorrow.