Pawan’s plan for AP’s special status!

Taking huge inspiration from the mass movement undertaken by Tamil Nadu folks for revoking the Jallikattu ban, the entire social media has started a movement to attain special status for AP. And guess who has joined the movement.
Power star Pawan Kalyan has also taken upon himself and started his own protest to fight for the special status. He has asked all the youth to come to Vizag beach and take part in the silent protest which will be held on a mammoth scale.
But icing on the cake is that Pawan has himself got an music album composed for this event and will release it on the 24th of this month so that the movement can get a huge benefit.
Looks like the mass movement from the Tamilians has inspired everyone in Andhra as they have decided to take the fight to another level altogether and Pawan’s music album will give them huge energy.