Publicity peaks when content is weak

Publicity peaks only when the content is weak, so goes the adage.  Ismart Shankar appears to be a classical example of this.  The film is trying to pull all plugs for publicity. The unit is doing everything it can to give traction to the movie.

Hero Ram, director Puri Jagan and even Charmme are trying to give publicity to the film. Two days ago Puri Jagan praised Ram for gifting him coffee seeds. Now it’s the turn of Charmme. She tweeted about hero Ram thus: “Most hard working actor @ramsayz Love ur positivity, energy n loooove everything about u (hope ur female fans don’t kill me for this ) #ismartshankar #PCfil

Now, she is being trolled by the netizens for this hyped up tweet. Both Puri Jagan and Charmme badly need a hit and all their films together have failed. His last his was NTR’s Temper. Their desperation is showing through these tweets.