Ram Charan has evolved so much as a person- Naga Babu

Ram Charan is a man who has now become a global star. The manner in which he has made heads turn all over the world is there for us all to see. So much is being said about Charan and how he has transformed.
But his uncle Naga Babu has other thoughts and says “Although he is my elder brother’s son, he is like a son to me, to Pawan Kalyan, and my sisters too. Our children see Ram Charan as an elderly figure. If they have any problems, they all go to him first to receive suggestions and advice. Ram Charan has now become a fully evolved person. That’s what I like about him. He used to be a bit angry and short-tempered. But now he has become very mature. 
Adding further, he says “We are very proud of ‘RRR’ movie, the Oscar-winning ‘Naatu Naatu’ song, and to see Ram Charan’s image on the Oscars stage. The movie ‘Orange’ has been re-released on his birthday. I want to donate the collections from it to the Jana Sena Party. I am consciously helping the leader who gave his life to the people with the intention of doing something transformative.”
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