Ravi Babu’s Aaviri day 1 box office report

Talented filmmaker Ravi Babu who always comes up with a unique choice of movies has picked another horror-thriller film to entertain the audiences. Titled as Aaviri, the film is directed by Ravi Babu and the movie is released by Dil Raju. The theatrical trailer tried to create an impact on the audiences. The movie released today.

Ravi Babu’s direction worked out well for the film. He has embedded the movie with so many emotions as well as horror and also some light-hearted comedy scenes. But he did not maintain a proper pace in the narration. The movie starts off on an interesting note but it went on a boring mode after that. Comedy, horror scenes, and performances which are expected to be the plus points turned out to be minus for the movie.

Looking at the reviews and the word of mouth, the film might become a big disaster at the box-office.

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