Review – Dirty Hari – A Well Packaged Erotic Thriller

Directed by: M. S. Raju
Produced by: Guduru Sateesh Babu, Guduru Sai Puneeth
Written by: M. S. Raju
Starring: Shravan Reddy, Ruhani Sharma, Simrat Kaur
Music by: Mark K. Robin
Cinematography: M. N. Baalreddy
Edited by: Junaid Siddiqui
Production company: SPJ Creations, HYLIFE Entertainment
Release date: 18 December 2020
Country: India
Language: Telugu
Dirty Hari Review
MS Raju shocked many by announcing that he is making an erotic thriller called Dirty Hari. The film with a lot of hype has hit the OTT screens today. Read on to see how did MS Raju’s directorial debut turned out to be.
ms raju

Dirty Hari is about a young man called Hari(Shravan Reddy). His only aim is to become rich. For this, he somehow traps a rich girl called Vasudha(Ruhani Sharma). He impresses her so much that her parents get Vasudha married to Hari without any hesitation. But the crazy twist comes with the entry of Jasmine(Simrat Kaur) which turns the life of Hari upside down. Then start a story of lust, cheat, and much more. To know what it is watch the film for yourself.

Dirty Hari

TV actor Shravan Reddy makes his big move in Telugu cinema and he is dam good. The young actor is suave, stylish, and looks cunning in his desperate role. He strikes a balance well in his character which was most needed in the film. Ruhani Sharma plays her rich wife’s role perfectly. Watch out for her in the climax. Simrat Kaur has blasted the screen with her bold scenes which are superbly. The young actress looks hot and will surely make a name for herself in the eyes of many in the Telugu audience. Surekha Vani adds a bit of weight in the film and comedian Mahesh gets a neat role.

dirty hari

MS Raju has clearly re-hashed stories of films like Unfaithful, Murder, and many more several films into Dirty Hari. But he has nicely set into the Telugu nativity. This is his first film as a director and he does not get wayward from the story. He does not sugar coat any of the scenes and showcases all the scenes and drama as it is. In such a process, he does not go away from the emotions which are intact in the film.

simrat kaurThe film starts on a decent note as MS Raju establishes the story in a neat and simplified manner. The conversation of how an affair starts, all this he has showcased so well. On the flip side, you can know what is going on in the story from the word go and can guess what will happen until the climax part. This part is quite good and raises a lot of curiosity for the audience as to how the film will end.
MS Raju has hired a good technical team because of which the film looks classy unlike the routine and cheap Telugu films that are coming out from people like RGV and others. The bold scenes are very good and this is where MS Raju scores brownie points. In a nutshell, Dirty Hari is for a selected few. So, if you want to see a bold film in Telugu which has sex, drama, and thrills, Dirty Hari is the one. But there is nothing new and be aware of it.
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