Review: Ism

Cast: Kalyan Ram, Aditi Arya, Tanikella Bharani, Jagapathi Babu, Posani Krishna Murali and others.

Cinematography: Mukesh

Music: Anup Rubens

Producers: Kalyan Ram

Story-Screenplay-Direction: Puri Jagannath

Maverick director Puri Jagannath and Kalyan Ram joined together for the first time for the film Ism. The movie has been released today amidst good expectations. To know how it is, check out the review below:


Satya Marthand (Kalyan Ram) exposes the illegal activities and various scams through his website. He does this by being anonymous and no one knows how he looks. Meanwhile, Javed Ibrahim (Jagapathi Babu) is big mafia don who has connections all over the world. He runs a bank called Bank of Paradise on an island and all the big shots deposit their black money in that bank.

Javed has a daughter named Alia Khan (Aditi Arya) and he cares for her a lot. One day, Alia Khan meets Kalyan Ram (Kalyan Ram) and he starts following in the name of love. Fed up with the torture of Kalyan, Alia informs the matter to Javed. Even Javed tries to kill Kalyan. Who actually is Kalyan Ram? What’s his intention behind following Alia? To know these answers, you should watch the movie.


Kalyan Ram looks ultra-stylish in this makeover. He carries the entire film on his shoulders and does a good job. Though it is her first film, Aditi Arya gave a commendable performance. If she works on her acting more, she will have a bright future. Jagapathi Babu does a decent job in the role of a mafia don. Posani and Ali entertain the audience in few scenes. Mainly the story revolves around Kalyan, Aditi and Jagapathi Babu and they do their job well. Rest all were okay.

Thumbs up:

  • Kalyan Ram’s makeover
  • Rich Production values
  • Couple of songs

Thumbs down:

  • Second half
  • Flat screenplay
  • Lead pair’s chemistry
  • Logic-less scenes

Technical and overall analysis:

The first half of the film showcases the scenes where hero follows heroine and tries to make her fall in love with him. The main story comes in the second half and it deals with the issues like black money, politics and illegal businesses. The second half will be on a serious note and doesn’t have the entertainment quotient as that of the first half. Ethical hacking is the key point of the film. All the scams are disclosed by hacking the websites. Though the concept is good, the screenplay becomes routine and flat. The court scene also doesn’t live up to the expectations.

Coming to the director Puri Jagannath, he wanted to deal with the sensitive issues like corrupt leaders, black money and scams in this film but the way he narrated the story is very routine and doesn’t interest the audience much. In the first half, there are some Puri’s trademarks dialogues and screenplay but in the second half, everything becomes flat and bores the viewers. Music by Anup Rubens is just average. The cinematography is good and the production values are very rich. Anyways, director Puri Jagannath who had a good point ends up disappointing the audience with his execution.

One-line verdict:

No Puri-ism

Rating: 2.75/5


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